S&SWM PR papers L1729

Andrew | Ansd Jan 25/97

Cadster House | Near Whaley Bridge | Derbyshire | 9:1:97

Dear Sir

In your account in Archaeologia 47.2 of excavations at Caesars Camp Folkestone you mention the discovery of a coin of the reign of Stephen.

May I venture to ask you in possession the coin now is? I am engaged on a numismatic history of that reign and wish to record its whereabouts

If it is in your collection I shall be happy to give you some information about it which I think you will find interesting

yours truly

W.J. Andrew

(Mem. Lond. Numis'c Society)

The only coin this could be (if it was recorded in the first or second collections) is 1884.99.25

Transcribed by AP for Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project June 2011

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