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University Museum, Oxford | Oct. 4 1888

Dear General Pitt Rivers

I was away from here yesterday or should have answered your letter. If I remember rightly, I was beginning to speak to you about the idea of a 3d Guide to the Pitt Rivers Museum when something else intervened and the subject did not come up again. The idea arose from the old Strangers Guide to the University Museum being now out of print and the Delegates wishing me to make arrangements to get a new one into shape. As this would involve some pages about the Pitt-Rivers Museum, the possibility suggested itself of these pages being also issued separately for visitors. The space (perhaps 10 - 15 pages 18vo) [sic] would be too limited for anything of the nature of a Catalogue but a ground-plan might be given with directions to the stranger where to find some of the principal series. For instance, he might be informed that on entering, he would find in the two Court Cases to right & left specimens illustrative of the development of fire-arms from the matchlocks to the wheel-flint, and percussion types. Further to the left, he would come to the wall-case showing the development of the shield from the parrying-stick, and of metal armour from rude defensive coverings. When he gets this information, the large labels on the cases, so far as Balfour has done them, will tell him more about the meaning of the series. When Balfour returns I will let you know, and I feel sure that your going over the Series with him will promote their being arranged so as to be open to the public (I mean those in the Galleries.) You will be able to ascertain from him what prospect there is of the publication of a Catalogue. To me it seems distant from the amount of work involved and the cost of illustrations. I think your active cooperation would do more than anything else to push it forward.

Believe me
Yours sincerely
Edward B Tylor

P.S. I have just seen Balfour returned from Finland and looking forward to your visit



University Museum, Oxford | Oct. 20 1888

Dear General Pitt Rivers

I am glad we may expect to see you here soon.

There seems to me no doubt that an Illustrated Catalogue showing development series would have great effect in the world. The Bethnal Green Catalogue though on so limited a scale was very useful as showing something of the general scheme, & I wish it were not out of print When you settle the day of your visit will you let me know beforehand. Believe me

Yours [illegible]
EB Tylor


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University Museum, Oxford

Nov 4 1888

Dear General Pitt Rivers

I have been reading Collier's Art Primer which you were so good as to send me, and am glad to see him breaking ground in a rational theory of Art very different to what used to prevail. I see he gives the [Drawing] as a Peruvian form. Your remark about somewhat similar form in the Zuni property has drawn attention to the desirability of getting a Mexican specimen. As Gilbert has been here for a day or two I have asked him to pick up some Mexican pottery showing it. There are good Mexican figures as you know in the Museum, but not vases. The scourges have duly arrived & doubtless Balfour has acknowledged them. With many thanks for the book I am

Yours very sincerely
Edward B. Tylor

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