Monro to Pitt-Rivers 1.3.1886

Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum, Pitt-Rivers papers L220

Oriel Coll | Oxford | Mar 1. 1886

Dear Sir

The Hebdomadal Council has allotted me the agreeable duty of inviting you to come down to Oxford at Commemoration for the purpose of receiving the Honorary degree of D.C.L.
I hope that you will be able to accept this invitation and it will give me great pleasure if you and Mrs Pitt-Rivers will stay with me when you come.
Commemoration day is June 30 but as you probably know the gaieties begin three or four days earlier.

I am Dear Sir
Yours very faithfully
D B Monro

David Binning Monro (1836-1905) was a classical scholar. In 1886 he was Provost of Oriel College, member of the Hebdomadal Council and also a curator at the Museum (it is not clear from his Dictionary of National Biography entry which one). He was vice-Chancellor of the University from 1901-1904.

Pitt-Rivers did receive the Honorary D.C.L. in June 1886, confirmed by University Gazette notice of the Encaenia in 1886 (30 June). [Simon Bailey, University Archivist, pers comm.]


Oriel Coll | Oxford | 19 July 1886

Dear Sir

Can you kindly let me know in a day or two when you will be able to come down to Oxford? You probably know something of Commem. gaieties but I would mention the procession of boats on Monday the 28th as a very pretty sight.

It would suit us very well if you could come as early as Saturday. On the other hand, I am counting on seeing you on Tuesday at latest when the Tylors & the Moseleys are coming to meet you.

Yours very faithfully
DB Monro

Transcribed by AP, May 2011 for the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project

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