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The main way that Pitt-Rivers seems to have engaged with the past is via archaeology, he does not appear to have had any great interest in history. However, several of the books in his library are broadly historical. Here is a list of the books from the catalogue of his library held by Cambridge University Library Add.9455 volume 10. Please note that these references have been checked against the Bodleian Library holdings, the original entries in the library catalogue are sometimes a little inaccurate.:

Amherst, Alicia. 1895  A History of Gardening in England London: Quaritch

Arnott, Neil 1861 A survey of human progress, from the savage state to the highest civilization yet attained Longman London

Gould, Sabine Baring 1892 Strange survivals: some chapters in the history of man London: Methuen & Co

Barnes, William 1858 Notes on Ancient Britain and the Britons London: J. Russell Smith

Bartlett, Thomas 1841 The new tablet of memory: or chronicles of remarkable events London: Kelly

Buckle, Henry Thomas 1858 History of Civilization in England London: John W. Parker

Bury, J.B. [John Bagnell] 1889 A History of the Later Roman Empire from Arcadius to Irene London: Macmillan

Cox, Charles 1886 How to write the history of a Parish London: Bemrose and Sons

Chaillu, Paul du 1889 The Viking Age London: Murray

Draper, John William 1875 A history of the intellectual development of Europe [revised ed.] London Bell and sons

Elton, Charles Isaac 1882 or 1890 Origins of English History London: Bernard Quaritch [no date given in catalogue]

Freeman, Edward Augustus 1867-1879 or 1870-1876 or 1877 The history of the Norman Conquest of England: its causes and results Oxford: Clarendon Press

Freeman, Edward Augustus 1879 On the origin of the English nation Harper

Giles, John Allen 1847 History of the Ancient Britons from the earliest period ... London

Green, John Richard [ed. Alice Stopford Green] 1888 A short history of the English people London: Macmillan

Green, John Richard 1881 The making of England London: Macmillanratz

Ratzel, F. 1895 The History of Mankind London Macmillan

Strutt, Joseph 1838 The sports and pastimes of the people of England ... London [new edition W. Hoone]

Strutt, Joseph 1796 A complete view of the dress and habits of the people of England … London: Nichols

There is also a number of other books and papers relating to the history of specific places, many located near to Rushmore, his country estate.

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