The following publications have been transcribed, for the most part, by the researcher on the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project between 2009 and 2012. You should always check the original of these texts for accuracy before quoting them in your own work

Draft of talk or paper about Irish archaeological work [S&SWM P1-5, unpublished?]

Early draft for Primitive Warfare?

Primitive Warfare, Part I 1867, Part II 1868, Part III 1869

Address to the BAAS Anthropology Department, Brighton 1872

The principles of classification in the Bethnal Green displays 1875

Evolution of Culture, 1875

Early Modes of Navigation, 1875

Pitt-Rivers' talk to Whitechapel Foundation School 1875 [P42, S&SWM PR papers, unpublished]

Pitt-Rivers' excavations, 'On tumuli near Guildford' [P40, S&SWM PR papers, unpublished: transcription courtesy of the Excavating Pitt-Rivers project]

Pitt-Rivers' introduction to the catalogue to the Bethnal Green displays in 1877

Cyprus, Mycenae and Hissarlik ?1878 [P66 S&SWM PR papers, unpublished]

Pitt-Rivers' ideas on locks and the spread of ideas and artefacts 1883

'Primitive Locks and Keys' 1883

Pitt-Rivers' inaugural address on the opening of Dorset County Museum 1884

Pitt-Rivers views on art, Dorchester School of Art, 1884

Cranborne Chase excavations 1887

BAAS address to Section H, about museums, 1888

PR's talk to Blackmore Museum On the Uses and Arrangement of Arts Museums 1889-1890 [P142d S&SWM PR papers, unpublished]

'Typological Museums' 1891

Catalogue of Pictures and Objects of Art, exhibited at the Larmer Grounds 1895

A short guide to the Larmer Grounds, Rushmore, King John's House; and the Museum at Farnham, Dorset. 1894 [taken from a copy in the PRM ms collections]

Guide to the Rushmore-Larmer Golf Links (written before 1900) [taken from a copy in the PRM ms collections]

Works of Art from Benin, Nigeria 1900

'Primitive Warfare' part I, 1867 but edited in 1906 in 'Evolution of Culture' by Myres et al.

'On the Evolution of Culture' 1875, but as edited in 1906

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