Uplands from 1870s map on AncientRoam

Pitt-Rivers (or as he was then, Lane Fox) owned a house in Guildford Surrey from 1873 to 1878. This house is on Epsom Road. During the twentieth century it was used by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries [MAFF] who were later re-named DEFRA together with a number of low-rise brick buildings that were built to surround it. The house was used as offices for some years, being known as D block.

Amanda Clements who worked in one of the brick buildings in the grounds for some twenty-five years very kindly sent the project some images of the house. She describes it as a large Victorian house with lawns. She reported that by April 2011 'the office buildings had been flattened and the house, although still standing, I believe, will be turned into luxury flats'. [pers comm.] She reports that the house was a beautiful place to work and before the ministry was moved from the site she was allowed into the house to look at the architectural details.

Uplands from 1870s map on AncientRoam

See here for more information about other houses that Pitt-Rivers' owned.

Please note that the two maps at the top of the page are from the 1870s, probably during the time Pitt-Rivers lived at the property, I am grateful to Carlotta Gardner, from the DDF project 'Excavating Pitt-Rivers' at the PRM, for drawing my attention to them.

AP, April 2011.

Front entrance to Uplands

Back of Uplands

Side of Uplands  

Decorative plasterwork, Uplands  

Upstairs room, Uplands  

Summer in the garden, Uplands

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