Lamps made from a variety of containers. From left to right:

(a) Lamp made from a Pond's talcum powder container in the Abbas Abdeali Workshop, Bombay, India. 5.0 cms high. Purchased in January 1998 (1998.25.24).

(b) Lamp made from a lightbulb in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, Kibanda County, Masindi District, Uganda, around 1997. On loan from a private collection.

(c) Probably an incense burner, made from a Nestlé coffee tin by a boy (name unknown) in Ougadougou, Burkina Faso. 14 cms high. Acquired in Ougadougou before 1992. (1992.38.1).

(d) Lamp made from a Brasso tin by an unknown maker in Backveldt, South Africa before 1939. 17.8 cms high. (1966.3.61).

(e) Lamp made from an ink-bottle in A. Shariff Glass Shop, Akbar Road, Mandi Mohalla, Mysore, India; 10 cms high. Purchased in January 1998. (1998.25.28).

(f) Lamp made from a Bovril jar by a unnamed Malay living in Patani Town, Thailand, before 1901. 12.2 cms high. (1902.88.478).

(g) Lamp made from a mango-juice tin by M. S. Tinwala of Jail Road (West), Dongri, Bombay, India. 12.5 cms high. Given to Tony Hayward for the Museum by Abbas of Abdeali Abdulhusain Tinwala, Erskine Road, Null Bazar, Bombay in January 1998. (1998.25.29).

(h) Lamp made from 'Sony' label metal by R. Sarauanan, 43 Anna Pillai Street, Madras, India, 1998. 10.0 cms high. (1998.25.22).