Details of a selection of the Museum's collection of spear-heads made from bottle glass by Australian Aborigines. From left to right:

(a) Brown; 14 cms long; collected by Flight-Lieutenant A. F. A. Osborn DFC when his ship put into Wyndham, Western Australia in July 1937. (1953.10.4)

(b) Clear; 11.5 cms long; from Kimberley District; collected in 1920. (1921.91.54)

(c) Pale green; 15.5 cms long; from north-west Australia, pre 1938. (1938.35.1401)

(d) Brown; 7.5 cms long; origins unidentified

(e) Blue; 9 cms long; acquired by a trooper in the Western Australian police before 1899. (1940.7.11);

(f) Clear; 8 cms long; from north-west Australia. ( 1938.35.1403).