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photograph scan of PRM number 1998.349.80.1

1998.349.80.1 (Film negative)

Key Information


Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard


A school group in front of their classroom, possibly Sigomre school in Ugenya village. The school building is a distinctive long rectangular grass thatch building divided into single rooms, possibly up to five classes. The children's shirts have a distinctive badge incorporating the letters 'SK' which may be a reference to the school name. [Gilbert Oteyo 9/9/2004]

Cultural Group



Nyanza Alego Ugenya

Pitt Rivers Source

Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard

Research Notes

According to E-P's note the school is called Kagomyi but this may be a misspelling. I suggest this is probably Sigomre school in Ugenya, Siaya District. [Gilbert Oteyo 9/9/2004]

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Further Information

Photographic Process

Negative film nitrate

Date Acquired

Donated 1988

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