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photograph scan of PRM number 1998.349.268.1

1998.349.268.1 (Film negative)

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Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard


Archdeacon Walter Owen holding the spear of Alego, the legendary clan leader and founder of Alego location in Nyanza. Archdeacon Owen took Evans-Pritchard to see these relics in the company of two Luo men, Jacob Odawo (just visible to the left of frame) and Olu. [Gilbert Oteyo 9/9/2004 & CM 17/04/2007]

Cultural Group



Nyanza Alego

Named Person

Archdeacon Walter Owen, Jacob Odawo

Pitt Rivers Source

Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard

Research Notes

Alego location was once composed of one clan under the leadership of a man called Alego. Alego's spear (tong) of leadership was revered. After him many other Luo clans were formed by his children or wives and other followers and because of disputes, claims and counter claims about leadership, each sub-clan decided to have their own leadership spear. Each made their spear blade in a distinctive style and any clan elder or man who made his own personal spear tried to copy this blade form. [Gilbert Oteyo 9/9/2004]

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Photographic Process

Negative film nitrate

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Donated 1988

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