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photograph scan of PRM number 1998.349.186.1

1998.349.186.1 (Film Negative 120mm)

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Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard


The original note indicates that this is 'Samuel's family'. Of course Luo men had many wives and children but this is certainly too big for one man's family. It must therefore be understood in the context of the African extended family where these women would include his wife, daughters, mother, step mothers, brothers' wives etc. We do not know who Samuel was or where he comes from. The young girl is attending a mission school she has a school badge with cross sign. The women are all dressed in European dresses, and all wear headscarfs (kitamba). But most of them wear bead necklaces (tik ng'ut) which were often considered to be traditional and some of these beads are a mixture of colours and sizes. However, they wear nothing on their feet. [Gilbert Oteyo 9/9/2004]

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family of Samuel

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Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard

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Negative film nitrate

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Donated 1988

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